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Miscellaneous Documents available with us

  Improving Climate Resilience Through Integrated Natural Resource Management - Report
  Choto Macher Bhabisyat - Pratap Mukhopadhayy 
  Economic Viability of Sustainable Agriculture
  Paddy Profiles - Digital booklet
  Seed databased
  Veg. Seed Register
  Seed Aid India Project - A report
  Amra chai (we want) - A report 
  A garden in every school 
  Gene Begun
  Harekarakamba a report
  Bt Brinjal by A S Chatterjee
  Agriculture and livelihood after AILA
  Training Team Brochure
  Micro Small Medium Enterprise Workshop - A Report
  Bal Vividha - A Report
  Action for climate change adaptation
  NREGS - A Study of Sustainable Livelihood Models
  Our School Garden - A Report 
  Ecology and Natural Resource Education (ENRE) - our experience 
  Studying the multiple usage of Water Hyacinth
  Good Governance - An article
  Biodiversity Act & Rules
  Right To Information Act
  RTI - Obligations & Responsibilities (Slides)
  National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, 2006 (Ben)
  Agri. Institutes Addresses/whereabouts (Ben)
  Some important Govt. websites of WB
  Joint Forest Management - Dr. Ajit Banerjee (Ben)
  Effect of Global Warming on Agriculture- An Essay
  ENRE Topic Page - Medicinal Plants
  A garden in the corner
  Manage Insects On Your Farm - A Book
  Household Food Security - A conceptual Review
  Sustainable Composting - Casestudies & guidelines for developing countries
  Case studies (Documented by Ministry of Environment, Govt of Japan)
  Outlook of DRCSC's Secretary on 'Climate Smart Ecological Farming' 

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