Our Expertise

Food Livelihood Security through Natural Resource Management

The main focus of this programme is to enhance subsystems/ farm enterprise production and diversity through scientific management of natural resources. For scientific and sustainable management of the farm resources we encourage participatory soil and water health management, indigenous seed management, indigenous knowledge management, maintaining diversification of subsystems/farm enterprises, innovation in harvesting and storing techniques, low cost external input farming techniques to reduce forced migration in the lean season, protein malnutrition, micro-nutrient malnutrition, farming risk reduction and increasing farm based income.


Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

The aim of this programme is to raise awareness regarding causes of climate change, impacts of such change on agro ecosystems, natural ecosystems and also to conduct action research with community on adaptation strategies.



Environment Education and Child Rights Programme

In this programme we work for identification of child leaders who are leading the environment actions in the villages, and for ensuring rights towards free and compulsory education. Between the years 2014-16 financial year we have encouraged and motivated 26 schools teachers, children and other stake holders to have nutrition garden in their schools. In North 24 Parganas and Bankura for supplementing fresh vegetables in their mid-day meals and to use it as a live laboratory.   Read more





Ecopreneur Development

The key aim of this programme is to enhance capacity of the unemplyment youths in natural resource based livelihood vocations and developing them as the future leaders for the community in this regard. We deliver this program through our Green Colleges located in 3 districts of West Bengal




Right-based Programmes and Advocacy

We are working for promotion of alternative agriculture along with income security of the farmers in general and of small and marginal farmers in particular and mobilizing the community to access their rights and entitlements for specific government services wuch as employment, food supplies, primary education and child nutrition.



Our Support Services

Technical Training

Our pool of experts can deliver training for your organisation on Sustainable Agriculture Techniques, Nutrition Garden, Community Garden, Agro-Forestry Model, Water Harvesting Structures and Common Property Resource Management.


Consultancy Services

We help you develop high quality audio-visual communication materials based on our decades of experience in research and documentation of development work. Our trained and experienced pool of experts can support you in monitoring and evaluation of projects and project documentation.


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