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 Nurseries raising of Multipurpose Trees by DRCSC at Hingalganj and Patharpratima Blocks, North and South 24 Parganas under the project 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans', supported by HCL Foundation. The nurseries were prepared by the direct and active participation of the women of Mangrove Protection Groups facilitated by the staff of DRCSC.

A Farmers' convention was organised under SOH project at Bijoybati Flood Shelter Hall, Freserganj GP on 22-23 June, 2024. Some glimpses...

Farmers' convention: Some sustainable agriculture models were displayed

Cultural programmes also organised

 DRCSC celebrates World Ocean Day on 8 June, 2024. Let's honor our oceans by promoting sustainable practices, reducing plastic waste, and protecting marine life. Together, we can ensure a healthier future for our oceans!

 DRCSC celebrates World Environment Day (5 June, 2024) with the help and involvement of communities and children in different regions of West Bengal.

 DRCSC was participated in the "Math theke Rannaghar" an event organized by Vijaygarh Jyotish Roy College, Jadavpur, Kolkata. Over two days, on 6 and 7 April'2024 we had the privilege of joining hands with various retailers from across West Bengal to showcase the incredible products of small cottage industries. Farmer-producer companies like Alorthikana and Fasolamrita, have been participated highlighting their exceptional range of produce including rice, lentil dumplings, fresh vegetables, honey, and tantalizing pickles etc.

 Inaguration of Farmers' Convention at Kasipur Block, Purulia(28 Feb - 1 Mar 2024): Lighting Lamp by Kashipur Panchayet President Smt Kabita Nag

 Lighting Lamp by Kashipur Panchayet President Smt Kabita Nag,Sonathali Panchayet Pradhan Shri Mahadev Tudu and other guests

 DRCSC's EC member Dr. Pratap Mukhopadhya adressing the audience

 Experience Sharing By Sharmila Murmu Vill-Bastardi on Single Stick Paddy

 Experience Sharing by Thandamoni Kishku Vill-Jibanpur,on Livestock

 Main Gate of Farmers' Convention

 Inside the fair ground: different stalls

 A indigenous seeds stall

 Kasipur ADA Shrimati Shigdha Mondal giving speach

 A section of spectators

 Different cultural programmes were organised

 The Farmers Day was celebrated on 23.12.2023 at Basterdih village of Kasipur, Purulia and Chatna, Bankura district. To mark the occasion, rally, discussion, exhibition etc. were organised. Many distinguished guests were graced the occasion

 International Coastal Cleanup Day celebrated by DRCSC under the project 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans' supported by HCLFoundation. Plastic and other garbage cleaning from the plantation sites along with Sensitization and Awareness Camps are organized at multiple sites of Hingalganj and Patharpratima Blocks of Sundarbans.

 Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercises were carried out by DRCSC at Heramba Gopalpur G.P. and Lakshmijanardhanpur G.P., Patharpratima Block, South 24 Parganas under the project 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans', supported by HCL Foundation. Through the exercise, Hazard map, Resource map and Social map of the location prepared with the direct and active participation of the villagers, locally renowned persons, Panchayat Members and facilitated by the staffs of DRCSC.

 Bankura Beritahol Farmer Producer Company (A unit of DRCSC) in collaboration with Paushtik Life Kolkata organised 'Taal Utsav' during 2-3 September'23; where celebrated neglected indigenous palmyra palm fruit and launched the palmyra palm fruit pulp products. The main objective of the event was to promote and popularize wide usage of the neglected indigenous trees and also to recall the various traditional recipes from palmyra palm fruit.

 47th HCL FOUNDATION DAY celebrated by DRCSC under the project 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans' supported by HCL Foundation. Beginning from World Mangrove Day (26th July 2023) to 47th HCL Foundation Day (11th August 2023), total 50000 mangrove saplings of different species were planted in Hingalganj and Patharpratima Blocks of Sundarbans.

 Nurseries preparation work for Multipurpose Trees (MPT) are in progress by DRCSC in Hingalganj and Patharpratima Blocks of West Bengal under the project 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans', supported by HCL Foundation.

 Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) exercise was carried out by DRCSC at 4 No. Charalkhali village of Sahebkhali G.P., Hingalganj Block, North 24 Parganas under the project 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans', supported by HCL Foundation.

 World Ocean Day (Theme: PLANET OCEAN: TIDES ARE CHANGING) was observed on 8 June, 2023 under the project of 'Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans' supported by HCL Foundation.

 World Environment Day (Theme: BEAT PLASTIC POLLUTION) was observed on 5 June, 2023 under the project of "Restoration and Rehabilitation of Mangrove and Social Forestry Ecosystem in the Coastal Sundarbans" supported by HCL Foundation.

We have celebrated World Environment Day on 5 June, 2023 in some of our project areas of Sundarbans by planting mangrove saplings, other tree saplings, rally etc.

DRCSC team at Satkhira of Bangladesh, visiting different activities of BARCIK (an NGO working on climate change adaptation, sustainable agriculture, community mobilization etc.) and its' network organizations. The main objective of the visit is to be acquainted with their different activities, how they are working with vulnerable section of people living in coastal region Bangladesh Sundarban; their livelihoods and how they are coping with climate change related vulnerabilities etc.

 Some snaps of celebrating International Women's Day on 8th of March 2023 in Hura Block, Purulia under SUFALA project

 Under Morzada project; DRCSC celebrated International Women's Day (8 March, 2023) at Rajnagar Gram Panchayat, the members of 8 Nos SHG groups, field staffs, ICDS workers and Panchayat Pradhan were present in the programme.

 A Farmers' Convention was held at Mirga village of Chhatna, Bankura on 9th-11th February 2023, for the celebration of learning and experiences. In this convention, apart from distinguished guests and govt officials; 350 farmers from Bankura participated and shared experiences, success stories and lessons learnt with regards to climate resilience and adaptation. There was live demonstration of different models suitable for red lateritic agro-ecological zones and cultural events were also organised.

 Alor Thikana (A Farmers' Producer Company, supported by DRCSC) displaying their Products in a fair at Ramakrishna Mission, Narendrapur
 National Farmers' Day Celebration: 23rd December, 2022. Organized by DRCSC Unit Office, Hooghly under ITC MSK Project.
 ITC Project Ulluberia, Hooghly: 1-2. Exposure visit of farmers to a demo mixed cropping plot.      3.Village level exposure visit to agricultural demo plot... 4.A paddy demo plot
 ITC Project Ulluberia, Hooghly: Some glimpses of goat rearing, pig rearing, fish farming by the beneficiries / groups
 ITC Project Ulluberia, Hoogly: Fish cultivation in local pond, nutrition garden, hen and duck rearing by the beneficiaries

A 2-day (16-17 Dec) Farmers Convention 2022 was organised by DRCSC under SOH project at Vivekananda Vidyamandir High School,G- Plot, Patharpratima, 24 Parganas (South). The main objective of the programme was learning cum experiences sharing between farmers / beneficiaries. Picture showing some glimpses of inauguration ceremony, experience sharing of farmers/beneficiaries, stalls showing different alternative energy sources, different varieties of vegetable seeds, pulses etc.

 Development Research Communication and Services Centre (DRCSC) has organized a two-day (3-4 December, 2022) exposition on Neglected and Underutilized Crops (NUS) and Agro-Products at Bibek Nagar Youth Association play ground, Jadavpur, Kolkata. The main objective of the exhibition was to introduce neglected and underutilized crops and to promote chemical free, safe, nutritious food and to give a platform of interaction between producer, retailer and consumer. The exhibition was inaugurated by local MLA Sri Debabrata Majumder and Councillor Sri Tarakeswar Chatterjee and Sri Dilip Kr Sarkar (Secretary DRCSC) and other honourable guests were present in the opening ceremony. Honb'le Agricultural Minister Sri Shobhon Deb Chatterjee visited the fair and given a valuable speech. There were 20 outlets of healthy, chemical free vegetables, indigenous rice varieties, pulses, seeds, food items, handicrafts etc. cultural programmes was organized in the evening.

On the occasion of Children's Day- 14 November 2022, DRCSC organised a cultural event for the children of support education centre and schools to observe CRC week from 14th November to 20th November 2022 at Dhapadhipi. We are grateful to Mindtree Foundation and TdH Suisse for their presence and support. Through this CRC week we will organise child activities in the community

Representatives from SoH Germany Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Dirk and Ms. Merry visited different project areas in Ramganga, G-plot and Fresergunj of Sundarbans under SoH project from 25-27 October, 2022.

 Sanlaap 2022: A National Conclave on Disseminating Eight Lessons Learned in developing resilience against climate risks for small scale farmers in semi-arid regions. The conclave was held at The Park Hotel, Kolkata on 22 July 2022. Organised by DRCSC and supported by AFB and NABARD. Eminent dignitaries (Mr K. Balamurgan, Chief Environment Officer, Govt. of WB; Ms. Usha Ramesh, CGM NABARD; Dr A. R. Khan, CGM NABARD; Ms Gitika Goswami (Associate vice-president, Development Initiatives), Prof. Saon Bandyopadhyay (BCKV), Mr Kailash Chand Pandey (Climate Expert), Prof. Sugata Hazra (School of Oceanographic Studies, Jadavpur University), Mr Dibyendu Sarkar (Ex-commissioner, P&RD), Mr Anshuman Das (Project Manager, WHH). Also Mr Ardhendu S. Chatterjee, President DRCSC; Mr Dilip Kr. Sarkar, Secretary DRCSC), Ms Somjita Chakraborty (CPO, DRCSC) and others were present. Mr. Sanjib Bandyopadhyay's (DDG, India Meteorological Department, Kolkata) addressed on the importance of weather forecast and agro-advisories in the field of Agriculture and Other Livelihoods. The panel discussion session on climate resilient farming practices: where farmers of Purulia and Bankura shared their experiences along with eminent dignitaries Ms. Gitika Goswami (Associate Vice President, Development Initiatives), Mr. Ardhendu S. Chatterjee (President, DRCSC), Dr. Pallab De (Project Director, DRCSC). Other discussion sessions also there on GIS technology for water harvesting structures and hyper-local weather stations, multi-stakeholder approach, purpose-driven women groups and community ownership etc.
 Recently we have supported 15 nos. of groups in Purulia and 2 nos. of groups in Bankura and 15 beneficiaries of Bankura with Aquaculture material such as aluminium pot, fishing net, pH paper etc. who are doing fishery in step ponds and ditches respectively. We have also supported the beneficiaries of both the districts with indigenous seeds for kharif cultivation and agricultural input i.e. IPM kit (rhizobium, azotobactor, azo-spirillum, PSB, TDV etc.)under NABARd project.
 We celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June, 2022 in our different project areas with rally, tree plantation, seninar etc.
 A Farmers Convention was organised by DRCSC at Sonathali Community Hall, Kasipur, Purulia 31 May - 1 June, 2022
 Urban Garden Training classes are going on at DRCSC Kolkata office premises. Some glimpses of theory and practical session
 Seed Fair was organized by DRCSC India on 16th May, 2022 at Hingalganj of North 24 Parganas under CROPS4HD project supported by SWISSAID, India and FiBL, Switzerland, focusing on around 44 neglected and underutilized species of crop seeds
 Some glimpses of Farmers Convention was held at Patharpratima from 12-14 April 2022
 The World Water Day 22 March, 2022. The theme of World Water Day this year is Groundwater, making the invisible visible. DRCSC has observed day in different places of Sundarbans and Kolkata.
 International Womens's Day 2022 celebrated in our different project areas
 ITC Project Ulluberia, Hooghly: field area visited by Regional Manager of ITC ltd. on 12.02.2022
 ITC Project Ulluberia: General Manager (GM) of ITC CSR, Regional Manager and Programme Manager have been visited Howrah field ares on 30.12.21
 A sharing workshop was organized by DRCSC with local, block, district and state level administration and public service providers under DABI project at Murshidabad. The participation of BDO (Nabagram Block), MLA (Nabagram Assembly), MP's representative, Chairman of Panchayat Samity, Panchayat Pradhan of Nabagram & Narayanpur GP, Panchayat members, representative of Childline Murshidabad along with representatives of NETZ Bangladesh made this event a grand success.
 Mangrove restoration through community initiatives in Sundarban
 Recently DRCSC has distributed COVID-19 relief materials to 1400 poor households at Nabagram and Bhagwangola I Block of Murshidabad district. The materials were supported by Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI). The package of materials were covered by both Food and Non-food items. The beneficiary households belong to Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Muslim minority families.
 COVID-19 relief materials distributed to 1200 poor households at Md. Bazar & Dubrajpur Block of Birbhum district. The materials were supported by Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI). The package of materials were covered by both Food and Non-food items.
 Earth day celebration in different places of Sundarban under CJRF project.
 World Water Day 2021. The theme was 'valuing water'; we celebrated that day through mass campaigning along with IEC Materials, leaflet distribution, tableau campaigning etc by Climate Youth Action Group at Namkhana, Sundarbans
 CRISP project (Hingaljung, Sundarban): 1. Fish fingerling distribution 2. Duck rearing by Sujata Das of 8 No. Sandeler Bill 3. Indigenous paddy in ripened stage ... 4. Goat rearing
 CRISP project (Hingaljung, Sundarban): 1. A beneficiary Minati Mondal rearing country chicken... 2. Beneficiary showing a vermi-compost pit 3. Mustard & lathyrus cultivation... 4. Nutrition garden (mixed cropping) of Sumitra Mondal
 ITC project (Uluberia): Meeting with PRI (Panchayat Raj Institute) members with Govt. officials and beneficiaries sharing their experiences
 Glimpses of activities in the ITC project area (Uluberia, Howrah): From left 1. Fish farming    2. Nutrition garden adjacent to house    3. Capacity building training    4. Training on fish-farming
 Glimpses of children's activities for NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY celebration in DRCSC's intervening schools at Kolkata
 DRCSC in collaboration with Baranagar Municipality organised Safe World Festival at Kalitala Play Ground, Baranagar from 31 Jan - 2 Feb, 2020. Many distinguished guests were present on inauguration day. Hon'ble minister Sri Purnendu Basu and Tapas Roy, Chairman and councillors of Baranagar municipality, professors of Jadavpur University and others were delivered their speech. About 32 stalls from Birbhum, Medinipur, Bankura, Purulia, were participated with their organic food products, vegetables, and handicrafts.
 Annual sharing workshop & cooking competition on organic school kitchen garden project at Hingalgang,North 24 parganas. Organised by DRCSC,kolkata. Supported by SWISSAID,India.
 Inauguration of Community Based Drinking Water facilty at Seja village, GP-Agardih Chitra, Block- Kashipur, District -Purulia dated on 31st October 2019.
 In Hingalganj block, Sundarban, organic school gardening have been done in few schools by DRCSC project office staff members with the help of teacher and students, under SwissAid project.
 A hand-holding training cum orientation on organic gardening (using plastic bottles, pots, sacks etc.) also organised at our project office in Hingalganj block, Sundarban, for school students.
 Awareness campaign and live adulteration on safe food during Palm Festival 30-31 August, 2019 at Hotel Diya Raj, West Lake Road, Purulia by Chakdah Bigyan Mancha. 2. People gathered at stalls where varieties of food items made from Taal is being displayed and sold 3. SDO Raghunathpur, Purulia visited our Palm Festival on 30 August, 2019 at Hotel Diya Raj, West Lake Road, Purulia and shared her amazing experience with print and AV Media.
 On 29th June Drcsc India organized an "Educational Farm Visit at Tona organic farm, Tona Village" with the students and teachers of "Bankim Ghosh Girls Higher Secondary School, Khiddirpore, Kolkata." It consisted of two educational sessions on the "importance of planting trees and conservation of water." Also discussions about the "nutrients and the components required for a plant to survive" was discussed with the students and the teachers. Then, the students and the teachers were made to witness the farm themselves.
 An exposure visit on integrated farming system at Agro Ecological Farm, East Mednapur, 13-15 June, 2019. Sponsored by ATMA Dept of Agri, Purulia, implemented by DRCSC
 Some snaps of Impact Assessment of CCA Project was done by Development Alternatives from 7- 8 June 2019 at Bankura
 The 12th All India People's Technology Congress on Agriculture & Bio-Technology was held at National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Salt lake, Kolkata on 17 Feb 2019.Two technical papers were presented by Mr. Sujit Mitra (DRCSC) & Mr. Kailash Pandey.
 An experience sharing workshop on Nutrition Garden at Barchara, Sabang, Paschim Medinipur
 DRCSC has organised Safe Food Festival at Tarun Sangha Club, Bosepukur, Kasba on 27.12.2018. There were different kiosks displaying some unique preparation of vegetables. A cooking competition was also held.

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