Our Effort

 We try to train up educators and social workers with various tools and concepts of group based activity, experiential, learner centric, reflective education especially for application in the field of environment education.

 We try to make environment education life related and livelihood oriented.

 We try to make children conscious about local society and environment and encourage them to identify local socio - ecological problems and take initiative to address those local problems through environment friendly low cost no cost technologies.

 We try to develop basic scientific skills and introduces different tools for observation, collection/ analyze and collation of information.

 We try to develop communication skills in the children to set up experiments and present the results before community.


Some related photographs

A puppet show and shadow puppet show was organised by the Education Team members at DRCSC's Conference hall on 19 October, 2019.

Working with Schools - Environment Education Up to class VIII

 Developed alternative textbook
 Regular EVS session in schools
 Teacher's guiding manual on Ecological activities
 Development School garden and imparting garden based learning methodology

Making Youth Action Group in rural villages-Experience with youths

 Capacity Building of youth in micro level development planning
 Setting up low cost-no cost demonstration units on possible natural resources at the school/locality/village level and sharing the success with larger    peer group for mainstreaming
 Mass campaining in villages on Health/Hygiene/Education and access of govt. services
 Maintain regular linkage with Block & village level Govt. Institution
 Capacity building training for Local youth & youth leaders

Ensuring quality Education in school focusing on RTE

 Creating Child friendly environment in school and community
 Ensuring joyful learning for the children (primary level)
 Develop SMC/PTA /VEC in school and regularize the meetings
 Develop SMC/PTA /VEC in school and regularize the meetings
 Demonstration classes and conducting library class with innovative methods in schools
 Training on Joyful Learning for Teachers, Educators
 Develop innovative Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs) & IECs
 Conducting Education Fair for children

Experience with Brick kiln

Children work in the kilns to supplement family income thereby risking their elementary education and childhood care. The situation is more critical for migrant children who come to work from other states due to extreme stressful living conditions develop morbidity and various psycho-social problems.

 DRCSC operates Multipurpose Centers in brick kiln which provide preparatory education and care to the children, following which they are mainstreamed    in local govt. schools.
 Assists schools and teachers to develop inclusive learner friendly environment through training and material support.
 Developing of Individual profile of children to track and monitor the progress of enrolment. Supporting enrolled children with Study materials
 Ensuring active participation of GP, VEC and CBOs in ensuring child rights and ensuring quality education for Brick kiln children.
 Providing Vocational Training for brick kiln youth for alternative livelihood.
 Facilitating to the Brick kiln owners for declaring Child Labour Free Brick Kiln

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