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 Farming System Research (FSR)

DRCSC from the very beginning thought of doing Farming Systems Research (FSR) and since 2014, it shifted its policy to do more participatory research oriented developmental works as a result it takes pace. FSR has emerged as a major theme in the organizational research programme due to a policy shift to understand the farmers' as well as their systems' need not separately but in an integrated manner. DRCSC is now setting the research objectives, approaches, activities, and methods to which it will pursue the research programme. However, the precision in concepts and actions under FSR done under DRCSC is making the difference.

Implementation Strategy

Our strategy for FSR is at the first place to understand how different farming systems works implies knowing the parts, and how they relate to each other and to the environment. From a pragmatic viewpoint, one begins with an identification of the components of the farming system and with that inventory of systems elements within the system boundary, species within the animal component, and other on- and off-farm activities the major interactions of these components to each other, to the household level and to the outside market.

Different farming systems situatedin different agroecological zones which can be improved with a quantitative description of the components and their interactions comes under the periphery of this type of research. For that, we are selecting suitable fields, varieties, techniques, and technologies for the respective agroecological zones. Such a semi-quantitative model is extremely useful to ensure that one does not-unintentionally exclude important parts of the systems, or to select, on a preliminary basis, specific parts of interest for further analysis.

Main objectives are -

Image Identification of different farming systems and its elements situated in different agro-ecological zones and land use systems,
Image Characterization of the different farming systems e.g.- homestead system, vegetable cropping dominated system, cereal cropping    system, agro-forestry system etc.,
Image Participatory Assessment of different systems,
Image Participatory Technology Development,
Image Development of different techniques, technologies, bio-inputs, and activities for sustainable and scientific management of the farming    systems.


The impact of this kind of works is immense though it is a new initiative for DRCSC and impacts are yet to be measured.

Catalyzed by

Swissaid and SIRCA are the two funders right now for this programme under the supervision of DRCSC

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