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Services we offer...

DRCSC is a non-government resource organization offering different types of services, e.g., training, training aids, publication, video documentation, external evaluation, library service, etc. to different sections of people and organizations which include mutual cooperation groups, groups of farmers and gardeners, village organizations, farmers club, youth clubs, other development organizations, students, researchers, interested individuals and many more. Our services are listed below-


For Trainers, Field Workers, Farmers, Gardeners, Individuals

Training we offer

Contact Person (Mobile & Email)

Types of Learning Materials we develop on request


Natural Resource Management: -Nutrition garden, Community garden, agro-forestry model, water harvesting structure, Common Property Resource related, Seed and Nursery Management, Sustainable Agriculture Techniques

Tapas Kr. Mondal, email- tapas.drcsc@gmail.com, Mob- 08902497048

Natural Resource Management related teaching and training aids.


Documentation:- Audio visual Documentation,Qualitative and QuantitativeData Management, Case Study, Reporting, Management Information System


Audio-Visual documentation of Climate Smart Sustainable Agriculture Techniques.


People' Organization Development:- SHG, Cooperative, Farmer Producer Organization


 Group Formation and   Management
 Non-formal Education,
 Environmental Education


Monitoring and Evaluation of Developmental Projects:- Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change, Natural Resource Management etc.


 Project Evaluation Report
 Process Learning Documents

Training Training

Urban Farming: Learn to grow your own food:- A mix of theoretical and practical sessions for 10 weeks (3 days / week). Practical sessions at our demonstration farms. Knowledge sharing sessions with the existing practitioners

Sourav Ghosh
Mob: 9432013248
Email: drcscskill@gmail.com

 Technical hand-book
 Chart, posters etc.


Information Services

For: NGDOs / Social Workers / Interested individuals / Students / Researchers


 We have a specialized library with books, periodicals, journals, occasional publications, reports etc mainly on Agriculture, Environment, Rural Development and related subjects, We give access to photocopying, i.e., readers can get photocopies of documents on payment of actual cost;

News and Feature Service
 We act as a news agency for local newspapers' agencies and development journalists for supplying synopsis of news and features on sustainable agriculture, social development and environment related issues from national and international magazines and journals and also from the internet.


Production Services

For: Government or non-government development organizations/Rural organizations/Group of Farmers or Women etc.


Print Production
 We prepare documents with the client's concept, subject matter, as well as print these documents (or, supervises printing) as books, magazines or journals, posters, leaflets etc. on subjects suggested by the client;

Film making
 We make films by doingfield research, prepare scripts, shoot & edit video films on subjects suggested by the client;

Website development
 We are providing a special service that is website development, hosting and maintenance. Our prime motive is client's satisfaction. Facinating design, affordable price, excellent communication, on time delivery is our speciality. Build your website or get your existing site maintained by us at a very reasonable cost.


Contact: Abhijit Das
Tel: 033 2442 7311, 2441 1646,
Email: communication.drcsc@gmail.com