Some recent activities

 Development of Nutrition Garden with engaging selected participants of Pavlov and Lumbini Park Mental Hospitals. Recently we have conducted a training session of pest management on use of pheromone trap, yellow sticky paper, liquid pest repellent making etc. under the session plan of plants protection.

 Super of Lumbini Hospital inspecting organic nutrition garden in the hospital premises

 Observation of Global Hand Washing Day with children in some brick kilns of Minakhan block, North 24 Parganas

 Working with children at Minakhan brick kiln area. Representatives from Save the Children visited the project area recently

 Glimpses of TEACHER'S DAY celebration in different schools of Kolkata and brick kilns area of North 24 Parganas

 Glimpses of WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY celebration at different schools and communities in Kolkata...

 Glimpses of children's activities for NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY celebration

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